Enrolment Criteria

Students attending Croxton School receive funding through the ‘Program for Students with Disabilities’ under the criteria of Intellectual Disability.

Enquiries for enrolment come from many sources – usually from parents, but also from directors of kindergartens and from principals and teachers at government and independent schools, acting on behalf of, and in consultation with a child’s parents.

Doctors, Educational Psychologists and Speech Pathologists also regularly enquire about student placements on behalf of parents.

Enrolment at Croxton School is based on a child’s educational needs and a recommendation of eligibility from a registered psychologist. Students must be deemed eligible for support from the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) under the criteria of Intellectual Disability. This does not preclude other diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum, but they have to be assessed as having a full scale IQ of below 70.

Those eligible are then enrolled at the school with parent / carer consent. Student intake may be at any stage of the year and at any age level