School vision
School-based Sexuality and Respectful Relationships Education is one of the core learning and teaching responsibilities a school undertakes to equip its students for a safe, healthy and fulfilling adult life. Sexuality and Respectful Relationships Education occurs within a whole-school approach, that is developmentally appropriate, and is achieved through a partnership between the school, families and the community. It is compulsory for Victorian Government schools to provide Sexuality and Respectful Relationships Education within the Health and Physical Education (H&PE) and Interpersonal Development domains.

Curriculum aims
Sexuality and Respectful Relationships Education will:

  • Promote collaborative relationships between the school community and the broader community, in the planning and implementation of sexuality and relationships education, responding to cultural and social needs of the school community.
  • Assist students to understand the legal context relating to sexual behaviour, gender and equal opportunities and make students aware of sources of help and acquire the skills and confidence to use them.
  • Ensure a cross-curricula approach integrated with health-related activities (such as school student wellbeing initiatives) while encouraging family involvement, thus promoting a whole-school learning approach.
  • Directly address discrimination, inequities and stereotyping based on gender and sexuality for all individuals by creating respect and support for diversity. This will be achieved through the use of resources and language that represent and honour identities and genders.
  • Specifically address age-appropriate issues relating to same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse individuals and make clear that homophobic and sexist behaviours and language are unacceptable. Staff will be supported by and can access a range of self-education resources via the Safe Schools Program and Our Watch, so they are equipped with current information and skills.

Respectful Relationships documents