The Transition Learning Centre located at Thornbury High School offers an exciting opportunity for students with an intellectual disability to be immersed in a mainstream secondary school environment. All students follow an Individualised Education Plan which forms the basis of their timetable.

Some students access mainstream subjects with their year level peers. These classes may include Art, Food Technology, Physical Education, Design Creativity and Technology and Performing Arts which includes Drama, Music and Instrumental classes. Students are also encouraged to participate in programs/activities that promote and support their overall educational outcomes. Such programs include Year 9 Urban Week, Year 9 Party Safe Week, Year 10 Health Week, Athletics Day, School Productions, the Swimming Carnival and many more.

Students have the opportunity to work in small group setting within the Transition Learning Centre. They are actively engaged in a structured Literacy and Numeracy Program addressing student learning needs. All other curriculum areas are also addressed within the Transition Centre.