The Croxton Secondary Program is based at the Northcote Campus and caters for students between grade 6 and year 9. Student progression in both literacy and numeracy remain our priority. This is delivered by quality educational programs, engaging learning experiences and dedicated staff.

A differentiated learning approach is implemented in our literacy and numeracy sessions and is continually updated from ongoing assessment and student data. Students also participate in Art, P.E., Performing Arts, Integrated Studies, Horticulture, Respectful Relationships and Sexuality (RSE), Swimming, Camps, Travel Training, Interschool Sports and Cooking.

All Secondary students have access to laptops and iPads. Large interactive big screens are used regularly to engage students. Students are expected to use Microsoft Word as well as other programs when publishing work. Other computer programs such as Sunshine Online, Kneoworld, IXL, Mathletics and reading eggs are also available.

Our School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) framework encourages all students to make positive choices in all facets of their schooling. Students are rewarded for demonstrating positive behaviour, like being a good friend, making safe choices, completing work to the best of their ability and following the Croxton Values.
All Secondary Programs promote and provide opportunities to develop student’s cognitive skills, independence and confidence to continually transition through Croxton’s Educational Pathways. These include Thornbury Learning Centre (TLC), Pre-CAL, PALS and VCAL.