The Performing Arts Program is based at Croxton School and located at our Northcote campus. Students from Foundation level through to PALS access a one hour weekly session with our specialist teacher who is supported by an Education Support staff member from each class group.

The Performing Arts Program is designed to develop all student’s creative and expressive capacities by learning about different practices, disciplines and traditions that have shaped the expression of culture locally, nationally and globally. Students are both the artist and audience, where they make, respond and learn to appreciate the specific ways this occurs in the disciplines of Dance and Drama.

The foci of learning and development of specific skills is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum and varies throughout the different year levels. It is designed to enable students to explore, develop and refine their skills in a creative, engaging and practical environment that includes activities such as:


  • Elements – Time, Space, Energy
  • Locomotor and non-locomotor movements
  • Levels and shapes
  • Pathways and directions
  • Dance styles
  • Safe practices – warm up / cool down


  • Social games
  • Verbal/non-verbal communication
  • Emotions/Feelings
  • Movement/Space
  • Mime
  • Voice
  • Characterisation
  • Settings/environment
  • Relaxation

All students are also provided with the opportunity to explore and safely use a variety of creative stimulus / materials such as props and costumes, to aid in the development of their expressive and creative ideas and performance skills. The application of skills learnt through weekly lessons enable students to further develop their audience and performance skills through their involvement in a variety of annual productions – on both a small and large scale – to audiences at Croxton School and /or a venue within the local community.