Hands-on Learning is a program on Fridays that focuses on physical activities. It increases skills in teamwork, building, leadership and working with tools. Hands-on Learning have built projects like a pizza oven, a bike shed, the brick path and the stage for the Spooktacular Performing Arts Show. In the words of HOL students, Hands-on Learning is better than working in a classroom because:

  • ‘It is active but in a classroom you are sitting down all day.’
  • ‘You learn things like maths by doing it but in a classroom you learn by listening.’
  • ‘I like Hands-on Learning because I get to work with my friends.’
  • ‘My favourite part about Hands-on Learning is cooking.’
  • ‘I like Hands-on Learning because we build stuff and work with Luke, John and Liz every Friday.’
  • ‘I prefer to work outside than inside.’
  • ‘My favourite part of Hands-on Learning was building the stage for Spooktacular.’
  • ‘My favourite part of Hands-on Learning is eating food with everyone.’
  • ‘I like Hands-on Learning because there is no other program like it, where you work with tools and work hard outside.’