Croxton School is a multi-campus specialist school operating in the northern suburbs of Melbourne as part of the Victorian Government’s Department of Education and Training (DET)

Croxton School is an exemplary special education setting, with a commitment to providing a broad-based curriculum catering for the educational needs of students between 5 and 18 years who have specific learning needs.

We have teams of teachers, therapists and support staff who are committed to providing challenging learning experiences which cater for students’ personalised learning needs and that are based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).

Croxton School actively supports an inclusive learning model by facilitating student access to neighbouring mainstream primary schools, secondary colleges and tertiary institutions. Through their Principals and staff, our institutions been long-term supporters of Croxton. For many years, Croxton and its neighbouring schools have anticipated the just-released Blueprint for Government Schools in that:

‘It is a true reflection of the Government’s expectation of an excellent school system that delivers improved student outcomes, based on shared responsibility, planning and co-operation between schools’.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our website to see the overview of all the fantastic things we do.