The Pre-CAL program is an applied ‘hands-on’ option for Year 10 (or similar level) students, offering practical work-related experience and learning. The largely practical program is an initiative being undertaken that will look to better prepare our students for a pathway that leads them into the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), whilst also giving them a range of life skills.

Students will gain skills and experience in a range of areas which will include development of their literacy and numeracy as well as personal development and living skills. There will also be a strong focus on applied or ‘hands-on’ style learning and students will aim to develop their work ethics and their employability and life-skills. It is anticipated that after a successful year in this program students will be able to more smoothly transition onto the VCAL Foundation Level program.

The VCAL Foundation Level operates in the majority of mainstream and special schools and is a state-wide and a certified two year course. Alternatively, the program provides the flexibility and capacity to provide other pathways for students if necessary.