Art Room

The Croxton School Art room is a place where students can develop their self-esteem through involvement in the art making process, having fun as they explore new ideas, materials and techniques. The Art room is a well-equipped, spacious, light-filled space that is visually engaging for the students. The Art Room facilities offer wet and dry working areas, ample storage of artworks, easels, an office and 2 kilns. The Art Room is located in the Primary Area of the Main Campus.

Classes from Prep to PALS visit the Art Room once a week and the Victorian Essential Learning Standards are used as a guide to planning. The Croxton Art program aims to help students develop a genuine, personal method of self-expression working both individually and in groups. Assessment and reporting is on an individual basis with individual student goals set to progress students along the continuum of visual arts skills. The Visual Arts program is ‘strengths’ based which focuses on using acquired skills as a starting point, boosting every students self-confidence.

Students are presented with opportunities to explore, plan and create in the areas of painting, printing, drawing, collage, modelling, sculpture, clay, textiles and digital media. Activities are planned to support classroom thematic work as well as connecting students to significant cultural and community events.

The Croxton School Art Room program supports both art ‘process’ and ‘product’ where students are free to take learning risks and are offered numerous opportunities and encouragement to apply newly taught skills to their work. The hands on program and work with ‘concrete materials’ enables the students a way with which to develop additional skills such as listening, selecting, participating, arranging and adapting. Visual art used in this way acts as a powerful language of expression that enhances the individual learning process.

The Croxton Art Room is always open to visitors to the school. Please read the school newsletter for regular updates from the Art Room.