Speech therapy

Speech Therapy aims to improve the oral language skills and articulation skills of all students. Speech Therapy at Croxton School is run in both fun interactive group sessions and individual sessions. Speech Therapy is currently offered to students from Prep to Seniors and at our offsite campuses at Reservoir East Primary School and Thornbury Primary School.

Speech Therapy at Croxton School has a strong focus on oral language learning. The relationship between oral language and written language are reciprocal.  The aim is to develop strong oral language skills that will assist in literacy learning throughout schooling. Key focus areas include:

  • Receptive Language
  • Expressive Language
  • Articulation

Students are learning language skills such as:

  1. Comprehension: listening, following instructions, understanding questions.
  2. Oral language: generating sentences and conversational skills, retelling events.
  3. Syntax/Grammar: organising words into sentences, using the correct pronouns
  4. Semantics: understanding the meaning of words, vocabulary building, labelling, describing, categorising.
  5. Phonological awareness: identifying/manipulating the sounds in words, syllable segmenting, rhyming words, identifying the first/last sounds in words.
  6. Social skills: turn taking, eye contact, volume of voice, solving conflicts, personal space, and understanding/expressing emotions.

Speech Therapy at Croxton School enables the students to better communicate with their peers and teachers.