Music Therapy

Music Therapy at Croxton School aims to provide a structured safe space in which students can creatively express, connect with peers and learn positive behaviour patterns through the medium of music. Music Therapy groups are designed to meet the additional cognitive, communicative, social/emotional and physical needs of students, and provide a platform of understanding how music and music experiences can be used in everyday living.


Music Therapy is currently offered to students enrolled at Croxton in a group format to all groups (excluding VCAL and off-campus secondary students). During the Primary years, students’ key focus areas include development of pre-academic skills of listening and turn-taking as well as socialisation through greeting staff and members of their peer group appropriately. As students progress through their schooling these skills form the basis of other group music making activities such as playing various percussion instruments, dancing to music, singing in front others as well as demonstrating how to be a respectful audience member.


During the senior years, students continue to develop their experience of music through making attempts to sing into the microphone, strum and learn open chords on the guitar, notes on the keyboard as well as developing a better understanding of rhythm though playing the drums and other percussion. Students at the Senior level also develop an understanding of using music technology with the assistance of computer programs as well as making attempts to navigate the internet for online music resources such as iTunes to purchase songs and other websites to download lyrics and chords to songs. The group song writing project has continued throughout the senior groups to further highlight skills gained throughout the year where each group creates a group song, choosing their favourite instrument to play/sing in an original song recording.

Lunchtime Groups and Performance Opportunities

The Croxton Choir, timetabled into the school curriculum, is available for all on-campus students to elect to join. This ensemble runs weekly and students work towards performing at various times throughout the year. The music room is also open during lunchtimes for on-campus students in the secondary years as a space for students to further develop creativity outside of the classroom environment should they choose to do so.